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Payroll Management System
A feature rich client/server application for Payroll Processing of any organization. This application covers the Payroll Processing part of Human Resource Management system.

  1. Title: Payroll Management System.
  2. Software Architecture: 3-Tier.
  3. Technology: Client/Server.
  4. Abstraction of the Application:
This Payroll Management System is a feature-rich client/server based Application and is basically meant for Organizations to carry out their monthly payroll process. It helps to organize the entire payroll processing and make it system dependent instead of human dependent. With very limited human intervention payroll is processed with perfection and all statutory reports along with general reports will be generated.

The application is organized in a tree structure and consists of the following tabs:
  • User Administration
  • Definition
  • Personal
  • Transaction
  • Reports (General Reports & Statutory Reports).
Administration - This is used to manage users who would use this application.
  • User Administration - This is for creating and managing users' accounts. New user Can be created, Existing user can be altered or deleted. Users can be assigned role based job.
  • User Audit - This shows user wise login details. User can be temporarily locked/unlocked.
Definition - This is used to manage master entries of the Organization.
  • Zone Details - This is used to create/edit/delete zone details of the organization.
  • Accounting Period - This is used to create/edit/delete financial year wise accounting period. On creation of new accounting period all previous accounting period becomes inactive.
  • Designation Detail - This is used to create/edit/delete different Grades, Designation and respective start up pay scale of the Organization.
  • Holiday Description - This is used to create/edit/delete national & festival holidays for the organization within a certain period.
  • Employee Category - This is used to create/edit/delete different categories of employees working in the organization viz Permanent/Temporary/Contractual.
  • Company Information - This is used to enter the information about the organization along with PF No, ESI No and Labor Registration No.
  • Department Detail - This is used to create/edit/delete various departments and their location under the organization.
  • Company Setup -This is used to create/edit/delete entire information about the organization like OT Hours, Employee's and Employer's PF & ESI contribution in percentage, Bonus, Duty hours, etc.
  • Income Tax Slabs -This is used to create/edit/delete different valid income tax slabs for different Categories (Women, Senior Citizen & Others) to calculate the income tax to automate the calculation of income tax to be deducted from monthly salary.
Personal - This is used to manage personal details of employees within the payroll of the organization.
  • Employee Detail - This is used to create/edit/delete details of the employees like their personal details, working status, correspondence address, permanent address, Pay scale, etc along with photograph.
  • Leave Details - This is used to create/edit/delete opening PL/CL/SL balance of the employees. Closing balance of PL/CL/SL will be updated automatically.
  • Advance Details - This is used to create/edit/delete any advance given to employees' that will be deducted from salary on a monthly basic along with the amount that will be deducted.
  • Employee Investment - This is used to create/edit/delete any tax saving investments declared` by employees' that will affect the income tax structure viz: like LIP, House Rent, Health Insurance and Other Tax Saving Investment.
Transactions - This is used to manage monthly transactions associated with payroll processing.
  • Attendance Register-This is used to create/edit/delete monthly attendance of the employees including total working days, leaves taken, Sundays, holidays, days present, leave without pay , etc. Monthly salary will be processed automatically based on the attendance and other parameters Supplied.
  • Pay Register -This is used to see monthly Additions & Deductions, Gross Salary & Net Salary of employees. Nothing can be created/edited/deleted from pay register.
  • Yearly Bonus - This is used to create yearly bonus based on the percentage decided by the management of the organization subject to the basic earned by each employee in a financial Year.
Reports - This is used to generate different reports necessary for payroll processing.
  • General Reports -
    • List of employees
    • Employee Detail
    • Month wise Pay Register
    • Bank Statement
    • Bonus Detail
    • Pay Slip Generation
    • Advance Statement
    • Advance Detail
    • Yearly Bonus
  • Statutory Reports -
    • PF Form 5
    • PF Form 10
    • PF Form 12A Revised.
    • PF Form 6A
    • PF Form 3A
    • PF Form Statement
    • PF Challan
    • ESI Form 6
    • ESI Challan
    • ESI Statement
    • ESI Return.
5. Features: Most activities related to payroll processing becomes automated, with
  • Quickly access to information about employees.
  • Maintain information about employees' leaves, income tax, Pay scale details, CTC etc.
  • Automatic generation of pay slip, employees list, yearly bonus, etc.
  • Minimal use of human resource.
6. Environment:
  • System:
    • Operating System : - Windows 2003/XP/Vista
    • Data Base Server: Oracle.
    • Multi-user.
  • User Interface: Windows Form Application
  • Code Behind: VB.NET/VB & ActiveX
  • Reports: Crystal Report Writer
7. Requirements:
  • Hardware requirements:
    Number Description
    1 PC with 2 GB hard-disk and 256 MB RAM
  • Software requirements:
    Number Description
    1 Windows 2000/2003/ XP/ or Higher with MS-office
    2. Oracle 10g Enterprise
    3. Ms-Internet Explorer

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