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Today many organizations are conducting online examinations worldwide successfully and issue results online. Online examinations, sometimes referred as e-examinations, are the examinations conducted through the internet or in an intranet (if within the Organization) for a remote candidate(s). Most of the examinations issue results as the candidate finish the examination, when there is an answer processing module also included with the system.

These examinations are conducted as open-book type examinations. Candidate is given a limited time to answer the questions and after the time expiry the answer paper is disabled automatically and answers is sent to the examiner. The examiner will evaluate answers, either through automated process or manually and the results will be sent to the candidate through email or made available in the web site.

There are advantages and disadvantages in online examinations. The main advantage is that it can be conducted for remote candidates and evaluation of answers can be fully automated for MCQ questions. Also online examinations can be conducted at any time and does not incur higher cost as traditional exam scenario as there is no paper work involved(e.g. : printing exam papers, prepare paper admissions etc) , there is no invigilators, also no need of arrangement of exam centers. When comparing with traditional exam scenario the cost for an online examination will be almost zero after the online exam system is establishment and if maintenance cost is not considered.

The disadvantage of the e-examination is the inability of invigilating. There are methodologies used in these examinations, when registering candidates and presentation of questions, so that to test candidates knowledge and skills. However with a limited time, candidate is not capable of totally depend on the reference materials or a supporting person.



eSigma Technologies envisages expanding the reach of its programs as well upgrade the evaluation methods using the latest Internet technology. For this purpose, the new online system has been developed to handle the following functionalities as follows:

a. Online Admission

b. Online Examination

c. Online Results Publishing

This new online examination system will cover all the areas / sectors which conduct the online examination system for Employee Selection, examination for Distance learning mode etc. For e.g. BANKS, RAILWAYS, BPO, INSTITUTES etc. This new system has been developed as:

a.       Independent Web site including separate domain registration and is hosted on a reliable internet server in a data center of a very reputed hosting provider.

b.      The website has been developed as a common Internet-based portal for students, admission office, examination office, Study center Authority, Examination supervisors, Examiners / Moderators etc.


The Administrator is expected to play an important role in the conducting of online examinations. For this purpose, the administrator is first required to register him / her on the online examination website (eTest). The access to the system is secured by the login/password mechanism. The login id is created for the user at the time of registration. The System Administration then gives access rights to the administrator to perform various tasks in the system as follows:

·         Class Creation

·         Set Creation

·         Assigning Set

·         Adding Questions for the assigned sets.

·         Registering new candidate

·         Assigning examination schedule for a candidate

·         Editing assigned examination schedule

·         Editing Class

·         Editing Sets

·         Editing Assigned sets.

·         Editing / Appending existing questionnaires

·         Change settings



  • Type of Questions: single answer type questions, multiple answer type questions, true/false.
  • Exams can be timed or untimed: Set the date and time when the specific test has to be available.
  • Student’s Information: The Student or candidate details can be stored in the database.
  • Security: The Online examination system has a password based authentication system for students as well as System Administrator.
  • Reusability of Questions: Exams and questions can be edited, deleted, and re-used anytime
  • Results: Students and instructors get instant results via e-mail. Results can also be printed as soon as the test finishes.



  • There are three major components of effort required to administer an examination:

1. Create the examination, and keep the contents secure until the examination starts.

2. Supervise the examination

3. Mark the examinations.


  • Using computer technology, it should be possible to streamline these three phases, and also disconnect them from each other.


  • Examination system offers the following features

1. Reliability

2. User Details

Administrative Module

1.       Administrative Login

2.       Home

3.       Main

4.       Master

                  3.1. Class Master

                  3.2. Set Master

                  3.3. Grade

5.       Compose

                  4.1. Assign Set

                  4.2. Add Question

6.       Candidate

            5.1. Registration

            5.2. Edit Detail

7.       Test

            6.1. Add Test Detail

            6.2. Edit Test Detail

8.       Edit

            7.1. Edit Class

            7.2. Edit Set

            7.3. Edit Question

9.       View

            8.1. View Class / Sector

            8.2. View Set / Paper

            8.3. Assigned Sets

            8.4. View Questions

8.5. View candidate

8.6. View Result

8.7. Candidate Result

                  8.9. Group Result

10.   Setting

11.   Logout


Candidate Module

1.       Candidate Login

2.       Profile Setting

3.       Test / Set Selection

4.       Examination Page

5.       Result


Technology Used

We shall be using the following technologies:

  1. Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.Net 2008
  2. Graphics: Flash, Photoshop
  3. Code behind: C#
  4.  Backend: SQL Server 2005


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