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Erealty pro


This ERP product deals with all aspects of Real Estate business.

Now a days Real Estate business are growing and Real Estate Management are facing problem to handle multiple site at a time in multiple location. Now they need to handle it efficiently and management information system should efficient and quick.

There are some software available in the market to solve this problem but they are windows Application (mostly). This can solve this problem partly not completely since sites are in different location. So data are collected from different destination and input into central location (Head office). This is not only time taking more over it has chance to destroy actual data in porting from one place to another.

Why not we take the advantage of Technology?

RealtyPro can solve this problem since it is web based software product. But client can run it locally also by setting local web server. Data can feed from different location and store into central server and management can use report from anywhere from the world. client can create multiple projects for different location.

More over There is a scope to customize this software as per clients requirement.

Highlighting features with relevant images and a prominent search. Easy accessible CSS dropdown menus for navigation. Web 2.0 style buttons and banners.

Data is highly secured since it store in a web server and unauthorized user can not access it or temper it by SQL injection.


Product Modules
We present a module-wise cost break up for the product. This is based on user license.

Master module
les which will be enter once only.odules which will be enter once only.
  • General
    o Create Stage Master
    o Owner Master
    o Location Master
    o Profit center Master
    o Bank Master
    o Sales Executive Master
    o Developer Master
    o Phase Master
    o Facility Master
  • Project Master
    o Create Project
    o Project Terms Master
    o Assign Terms with Project
    o Assign Project with phase
    o Assign Project with Profit Center
    o Assign project with Owner
    o Block under Profit Center
    o Block under Phase
Marketing module
  • General
    o Buyer’s Master
    o Broker Master
    o Unit Wise Master
    o Payment Scheme Master
    o Sale Inventory Master
    o Optional Unit Master
    o Other Charges Master
    o Unit Type Master
    o Additional Work Master
    o Assign Payment Scheme
    o Assign Other Charges
  • Enquiry
    o Enquiry Master
    o Follow up
    o Pre sale Documentation
  • Booking
    o Booking
    o Payment Receipt
    o Payment Scheme
    o Additional Work Details
    o Payment Outgoing
  • Miscellaneous
    o Booking Cancelation
    o Booking Refund
    o Payment Stage Monitoring
    o Document Management
Works Module
  • Tender Creation
  • Tender Quotation
  • Work Order
Material Module
  • Material Master
  • Supplier
  • Quotation
  • Purchase Order
  • MRN / GRN
  • Requisition
  • Issue
Engineering Module
  • General
    o Contractor Master
    o Approve Material Rate
    o Jobs
    o Other Factor
  • Rate Analysis
  • Estimate
  • Planning and Estimate
    o Construction Planning
    o Stage wise Estimate
  • Site Work
    o Stage wise Construction Monitoring
    o Additional Work Progress
Report Module
  • Marketing
    o Allotments Letter
    o Enquiry Report
    o Follow up
    o Buyer Report
    o Unit Report
    o Payment Status Report
    o Payment Status Date wise
    o Booking Status Date wise
    o Additional Work Status
    o Due Payment Status
    o Payment Received
  • Engineering
    o Job Rate Analysis
    o Project & Block Rate Analysis
    o Project & Block Construction Planning
    o Project & Block Construction Monitoring
    o Job Details Status
  • Material Report
    o Purchase Order
    o MRN/GRN Report
    o Material Issue Report
    o Stock Report
    o Communication Report
  • Construction Planning and Monitoring Graph
Manual Attendance & Payroll Management System
  • Master Information
  • Daily Capturing, Processing & Reporting
  • Monthly Capturing, Processing & Reporting
  • Yearly & Half Early Processing & Reporting
  • Any time Reporting
  • Daily Attendance with Punch m/c. integration
The Administration menu would have the options to manage the websites functionality. Admin can create new user and set their Role and Privilege I.e. Admin can set each user having unique role and permission to Add/Edit/Delete specific form. Admin can set password for each user and can lock if necessary.

Additional Feature
Payment would be via Credit cards, PayPal and Google Checkout. SSL would be attached and VeriSign (if required) would also be integrated to authenticate the payment process.

We shall be using HTML, Dot.NET and crystal report and Sql Server to develop this Web based Product.
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