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About us
eSigma is innovative Software Development and Consulting Company, providing services, solutions and products to Enterprises worldwide. Our in-depth knowledge of diverse Industry Practices helps us to engineer our clients' most complex applications and next generation information technology infrastructure.

We progressing at brisk pace offering optimum solutions to clients. Multifaceted, we help clients realize their dreams. Creativity & technology-focused professionals work with the latest technologies, ensuring highest quality and service, timely deliveries, yet at an affordable cost.

We believe that high quality is delivered only through consistency and focus. eSigma guiding principle has always been to work towards customer satisfaction through innovation, creation and development. Our clients typically have complex requirements and high performance expectations. Our project teams can solve the most unusual and tricky problems - often where other developers have failed. Our team constantly strives to make a difference in a market place. We are a group of quality people with professional expertise.

We work in a very transparent and open environment.We are ready to take on unique business challenges and deliver quality results on time and within budget.

eSigma has a proven track record of meeting demanding quality and delivery schedules in highly competitive markets.

eSigma the smart solution for all of your IT Service needs - we help our clients leverage information technology to achieve their business goals.

eSigma provides expert outsourced product maintenance and support services. With our combined knowledge and expertise, we have created a Product Development Maturity Model for software. This well-researched set of concepts and processes gives us an extensive and in-depth understanding of the product development lifecycle, making us competent and informed participants in our clients' software development efforts.

We synergize technology potential with low-cost-based global software development. Our in-house research initiatives complement our focus on our niche software product development proficiency.
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